Since the foundation of the SPEZEREI in 2004 our philosophy is to offer traditional and partly forgotten dishes mainly from Italy, Austria and France

Our range of products only comes from producers we know in person and we can stand 100% behind their product-quality.

Our dishes are cooked in traditional style. Without exception only the best ingredients are used. Artificial enhanced flavours and food stabilizers are not used in our kitchen.

Our pasta is produced freshly every day by the Viennese company „Pasta e Basta“.

Our native olive oils are 100% native and from capable producers. There are no industrial modified oils in our product range.

Our award-winning Balsamico vinegar comes from the well known producer Pecoraro from Klosterneuburg (near Vienna) as well as from well-chosen Balsamico  producers in Italy, who work after the traditional method.

Our Prosciutto comes from Sauris. It is produced traditionally above 1.200m sealevel.  There it can ripe under best conditions.

We get our Salumi, our cheeses and our Antipasti from selected producers, who love their craft and offer only highest quality far from industrial mass productions.

Our bread and our self-created cakes are daily freshly produced from a quality conscious family-business in our neighbourhood.

We buy our fruits and vegetables at shops from our longterm partners at the Karmelitermarkt.

Our exclusive coffee-blend is composed from the „Alt Wien“ coffee roasting team.

Our wine assortment changes continuously and we offer a wide range of selected wines in all price categories. Several well-known wine-makers from Italy and Austria are also filling exclusively bottles for the SPEZEREI and our SPEZEREI-privat-blend is vinificated and blended every year in cooperation with the winery Lunzer from Gols.